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Beyond the Covid: Let's Start Again

Info Covid-19

To guarantee health, comfort and well-being of our guests and employees.

To the daily cleaning of all areas of the hotel, we have added measures such as:

  • Frequent ventilation of common areas and rooms;
  • Sanitization of air filters and cleaning of air conditioning machines according to current legislation required for COVID-19;
  • Availability of sanitizing gel dispenser at the entrance / exit, in the common areas and at the entrance of the toilets;
  • Cleaning, cleansing and sanitizing of the toilets in the common areas several times a day, based on the influx of guests;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces several times a day, with particular attention to objects that are touched more often such as elevator buttons, handrails, switches, door handles;
  • All surfaces of the rooms and common areas are sanitized with certified products and in the ways indicated by the manufacturer to ensure maximum hygiene according to the type of material with which the surfaces to be sanitized are made;
  • Constant staff training regarding new provisions;
  • Sanitization of rooms and suites at each departure also using ozone air purifier system;
  • Procedure for ironing bed linen and towels performed at high temperature, over 182 degrees;
  • Use of masks and gloves by cleaning staff;
  • Staff with self-certification declaring daily absence of body temperature above 37.5/C degrees;
  • In order to limit contact with staff and guests, external suppliers of goods and services have dedicated access and self-certification will be requested in which they declare absence of body temperature above 37.5/C degrees and use of PPE KIT such as sanitary gloves and masks.

Social distancing measures

  • Minimum social distance required of 1 mt. \ 3.2 foot, unless guests belong to the same family group or are sharing the same apartment/room;
  • Presence of glass barrier at the Front Office desk, separate areas for check in and check out.

Security measures for our team

  • Avoid handshakes, kisses on the cheeks and hugs;
  • We often wash our hands, use disinfectant and encourage our guests to do the same;
  • Availability of sanitizing gel dispenser;
  • Smart working;
  • Training courses for personnel on safety procedures;
  • Presence of a Covid Manager, guarantor of the application of security protocols;
  • Supply of kits with masks, gloves and sanitizing gel;
  • Sanitation of the offices once a day, of the touch instrumentation frequently and of the workplace at the end of each shift;
  • Sanitation of changing rooms and back offices once a day;

As anticipated Forte16 View & SPA – MyForte Relais de Charme are constantly updated on the provisions to be adopted to guarantee your maximum comfort in absolute safety.

Last update November 04, 2020

solo online, solo con noi
Garage available by reservation